the Signs of the Times

the Lust of Destiny
You worry about fates of those who dwell in this world...
You know songs that appeal, praising an earthly existence...
But time as a dream will fly by...
Many thousands years history lasts in this place
Into nowhere great people and countries have gone
All chants about them have vanished without a trace
Remained wasted lands where the life will never return
Forgotten a lyre. Its ancient word shan’t ever be told
You see what appeals to You for your own assistance...
But time as a dream will fly by...
Only desert will remain
Where each grit must be given a soul of human.

Return of the Ancient Prophecy
Backwards rivers their stream
Will turn. While sad stars beam
Suddenly will vanish in a dream
Faded sunshine face.
All will vanish in a passion
And in tears. Ancient revelation,
In oblivion to fall with the resignation
Not left any trace.
Forgotten all prayers and spells                   it shall be so!
Killed hollies on Earth and in Heaven         it shall be so!
Closed doors to Eden and Hell                    it shall be so!
Into nowhere all shall disappear                  Forever!
No hope in dark burning land
No expiation even in death
Chaos without beginning and end,
No music, no thunder, no breath.

The furious death doesn’t spare a man
Do we build houses really forever?
Do we set seals really forever?
Do brothers share really forever?
Does hate reign among people really forever?
Does river bear high water really forever?
Does a grub turn into dragon-fly really forever?
A gaze that could stand looks of the Sun
Never happened since ancient times
A dead and a sleeping are similar
Don’t they show a sight of the death?
Does the man stay a ruler
When he’s so close to the death...*

Light of the Sun will vanish in the dark and the moon
Shadow will devoured wholly soon
Day with night will vanish in the flame of fire
All will burn...
          BLACK DESTINY desire!!!

Great Sanctuary
The sorrow like water of river rushes to dale
Like wild flowers grows the grief
In the middle of ocean and in broad lands
The sorrow as clothe covers all flesh**

No light and dark
No false and true
No life anywhere
And no death too
No laugh, no tears
No reality and dreams
No belief in God
It’s a fool word
No sounds, no silence
No shouts, no talks
No rustle of fairies
No animal walks
No happiness in Heaven
No pain in Hell
No sinners, no hollies
No sounds of the bell
No day and no night
No Sun and Moon in sight
No peace and no war
No evil and good anymore
No love, no brutal hate
No merciful fate
No masters, no gods
Jesus, Satan are just words
No sea and no rivers
No forests, no meadows
No birds to sing
All is killed by Human Being
No elders, no children
No women, no men
No more even a living thing
All is killed by Human Being
No water, no fire
Earth is dead and stars are dying
Only Emptiness around
With sadness and sorrow

Rainbow Hunt
Hundreds years have gone in a moment
Who does hear and follow wise teachers
Ancient books won’t ever be read
Could it really be - everything is forgotten
An awful pain from diabolical torment
Erased in the temples faces of preachers
The wisdom is now evil and mad
Could it really be - everything is forgotten
Years pass fast without adjournment
Washing away men’s history features
Left only mirage and devouring dread
Could it really be - everything is forgotten
Nothing remained for an atonement
Black snow and ashes covered land reachers
Horn of Destiny sounds in reign of the dead
Could it really be - everything is forgotten
How many thousands days
Will the people suffer life scum
How long the dark evil will blaze
Before the penitence comes
How many generations will die
Drowned in hate’s furious flood
How many teachings will lie
Calling to live in cold blood.

Temple of the gloom in "The Land Without Return"
From where a newcomer cannot come back
To the way that has no return
Where vainly newcomers crave for the light
Where food of theirs is ashes with clay
Where not seen the light they dwell in the dark
Like birds they are dressed with clothe of wings
The dust covers door bars...***

Flame, Element
        and Everlasting Fire
                Silence and Death
                        This is the Fate
Oh, no! Yes!
        Idle words...
        All dead and gone.
                        It’s too late
        A music flows and despair flows
        Gloomy sounds, moans, suffering
        Into death yearning obedience grows
        Black Destiny reflects in dreams of Human Being.
Oh, it’s a prayer...
  No, idle words!
Just shroud and coffin are real
While death is continuation of dreams...
        In the dark reign alone Sorrow and Sadness
        There is no life here, only cold. And Madness
        Whole life is devoted to eternal struggle for light
        To realize, to change the world, to see it bright.

Causeless and Incomprehensible
Short and Anxious
Full of Hard Torments
Indeed that’s the Life of Mortals****

The dark...
        Another side of the light
No light without dark,
Like no day without night
The evil...
        Opposition of the good
But the dark is not an evil
Like the light is not only incarnation of the good.
        Dance of the death in silence and blood
        Repentance risen above all earth’s mud
        Destruction of dreams, devastation of whole
        Must bring to the men just oblivion for soul.
The Doors have been opened...
        Oh, no! That’s lies
Sounds filled all... So many dies...
Mournful thunder of trumpets is rising to height
Fog closed the Doors...
        that are leading to light.
        Seven Circles of Hell, Destiny and Evil’s Birth
        Tied into String of Mad Dream Revelation on Earth
        To descry nature of the dark and the light
        Open your eyes to see by perfect sight.
On the Dark Earth Of Sin and Holocaust
The Eternal Sacrament Of Darkness and Light
Covered by shadow of the death’s ghost
But the Hope of Soul is living deeply inside.
        Silhouettes of Silence and Mute Farewell
        Pain, Malice and Suffering here shan’t dwell.
The First Word will bring the everlasting pain
The Last Word will turn everything to remain...
        ...but the Hope is living!

Nothing men can see but darkness
Your exit is to lie or not to lie
When the Gates of Destiny are found
Who will be able to find the truth or die
The human world became a reign of death and evil
Created by every Human Being
Mud, sin and vice rule among the people
Every human soul has God and Satan within
God and Satan created the Court and the Death
Sin and vice, Paradise and Hell
To return is impossible because of lost path
Doom and pain were born from human cell
No love’s in human life
No love enough
The Human Being killed everything
And forgot his laugh
All is broken and destroyed
The Earth rots in fetid smell
To return there is no way
And Creation turns to Hell...
        Here is Sun and here is Moon
        Here is day and night
        It’s a life which will expire soon
        It’s a life where the good is right
        What’s the evil, what’s the good
        Thou should recognize
        When the Death is touching face
        It’s too late to realize
        But somebody must survive
        That’s the Revelation
        Word and Music will bring the life
        That will change and save Creation.

the Signs of the Times
That what happened and shall be,
Have become a mystery,
What men loved and what they knew
Now is a mirage view.

* - from "Epos about Gilgamesh",
** - from Sumerian Spells,
*** - from "Descending of Ishtar",
**** - from "Sutta about an Arrow"

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